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KY'S PAGAN CHANT LIBRARY - Discover dozens of god-dess/magical/elemental themed lyrics, all with original recordings of the melodies!



Pink = Goddess

Teal = God

White = Moon

Purple = Unity

Gray = Nature/Animal

Color Key:


Green = Earth

Yellow = Air

Red = Fire

Bright Blue = Water

Lime = Elemental


Dark Red = All Others



Tan = Calling/Summoning

Blue = Closing/Banishing

Hot Pink = Power/Transformation

Blue-Green = Lament

Orange = Remembrance


13 Trees


A River of Birds


Air I Am


Air Moves Us


Ancient Mother




Blood of the Ancients


Born of Water



Building Bridges


Burn Fire

Circle Fire Dance


Closing Song



Cold, Dark and Lonely

Dark Earth

Earth My Body


Earth Water Fire Air

Fire Fire Fire



Flow and Ebb



Full Height of our Power


Full Moonlight Dance





Gentle Loving Mother



Hecate, Cerridwen


Hold On Great Mother


Hoof and Horn


Horned One


I am a Cirlce


I Circle Around


In the Moonlight


Isis Astarte


Let the Way



Listen, Lady Listen


May the Circle Be Open


Merry Meet, Merry Part


Mother I Feel You


Mother/Father of Darkness


Now I Walk in Beauty


Now the Green Blade Riseth




Pentagram Glow


Rainbow Around the Moon


Return, Return



Rhea of the Drum


Rise with the Fire


She Changes Everything She Touches



She's Been Waiting


Silver Rose Quarter Call


Snake Woman



Spiral Dance Song


Spirit of the Wind



Spring Song God



Spring Song Goddess


Sun King



Sure as the Wind


The Beginning of the Earth


The Earth is Our Mother


The Earth is Our Mother (Libana)


The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water


The Leaves on the Trees



The River is Flowing


Touching Her Deep


Triple Goddess Chant


Water and Stone


We All Come from the Goddess


We are a Circle



We are a Circle Moving


We are Alive



We are Awake in the Night



We are One wtih Creation



We are the Flow


We are the Flow (Folk Melody)



We are the Flow (Original Melody)


 We are the Old People



We are the Walking Breath



Wearing My Long Wing Feathers



Weaving the Summer


Where There's Fear There's Power